Friday, May 23, 2008

Study on Premature Deaths Associated with Particulate Matter

Pollution danger higher than earlier estimated
Jane Kay, SF Chronicle, May 23, 2008

The State of California just released a draft report titled "Methodology for Estimating Premature Deaths Associated with Long-term Exposures to Fine Airborne Particulate Matter in California". The study presented in the report found a direct correlation between increased pollution from specks of dust, soot, metals and soil and a greater number of hospitalizations, emergency visits and missed school days. Assuming that a safe level is 7 micrograms of PM2.5 per cubic meter of air, there would still be about 14,000 to 24,000 premature deaths every year in California associated with these small particles. That is two to three times the number of deaths previously predicted.

The California Air Resources Board will accept comments on the report until July 11.

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