Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Inconvenient Alternative to Global Warming Theory

Global Warming Heretic?

The New York Times Magazine recently profiled Freeman Dyson regarding his particular views on climate change and global warming — which have tended to affront the sensibilities of those fighting to curb greenhouse gases and who see any alternative views to anthropogenic climate change theory as counter-productive to moving towards a more sustainable way of living on earth.

An excerpt:
Dyson is well aware that “most consider me wrong about global warming.” That educated Americans tend to agree with the conclusion about global warming reached earlier this month at the International Scientific Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen (“inaction is inexcusable”) only increases Dyson’s resistance. Dyson may be an Obama-loving, Bush-loathing liberal who has spent his life opposing American wars and fighting for the protection of natural resources, but he brooks no ideology and has a withering aversion to scientific consensus.

It's a fascinating article about a very robust technical analyst, and certainly elevates the discourse above emotionally driven standoffs between polar bears and polluters.

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