Monday, February 6, 2012

How Green Was the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl conjures images of over consumption and wastefulness, especially when looking at the flashy half time extravaganzas and images of the lofty corporate parties.  This year's Super Bowl, however, was planned with many environmentally friendly programs in mind.  Some of the more noteworthy programs include:
  •   2,012 Trees by 2012:  The goal of planting 2,012 trees in the Near Eastside area of Indianapolis was accomplished prior to the game
  • The Host Committee's "1st & Green" program, a web based initiative created to encourage individuals and groups to offset carbon emissions and water savings, resulted in 1,402,385 pounds of carbon offsets and conserved 2,555,483 gallons of water
  • Recycling at Lucas Oil Stadium, the Convention Center and in the Village, the "epicenter" of Super Bowl activity, and
  • Material Recovery and Donation: banners, decorative items and other reusable materials will be donated to non-profit groups or sold at low cost to the volunteers.

As we recover from our own personal over consumption on Super Bowl Sunday, it is good to know that the NFL is doing its part to lessen the impact of the biggest game of the year. 

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